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Instruments & Classes

Artists Suggestions

Several Artists have suggested these resources if campers want to start working on their instruments and tunes before camp:

Pete Wernick - Banjo

David Greenberg, Cape Breton Fiddle -  Password: dg@rfmc2021


Ben Cohen, Klezmer Fiddle - pdf


Rachel Baiman - Old Time

Beginner:  John Riley The Shepherd

Squirrel Hunters: 


The Yellow Barber, Ed Haley

Winder Slide 


Oh My little Darlin- Mark Shatz and Tim O’Brien (Cross Tuned)

Homer the Roamer:


Arlene Patterson - Scottish Tunes in pdf format

Instruction is offered at all levels, for complete beginners, seasoned professionals, and everyone in between!


Irish Fiddle  

Scottish Fiddle

Old Time Fiddle

Cape Breton Fiddle 

Swing Fiddle 

Scruggs Style Banjo

Piano Accompaniment 

Beginning Fiddle – For Those Just Beginning 

Novice Fiddle – For Those With 1-2 Years Practice 

Orchestra, Quartets

All classes are self-selected.  You may take up to six classes per day if you wish, however most campers take 4 or 5 classes per day, so you can schedule some time for rest, practicing, etc.  You can take different classes all week, but it's usually more effective to settle in to the same 3 or 4 classes all week.

Camp Schedule

Sunday, July 2, is gathering day.  Check-in starts at 4:00 PM.  Dinner is served, followed by Orientation, where the Class Schedule will be distributed and explained.

Monday-Friday - Five classes per day 8:45 AM to 5:00 PM.  Thursday will have shorter classes.

Thursday - The Rocky Mountain Luau followed by Campers' Talent/No Talent night.

Saturday - Camper's Concert all day.  Non-camper friends and relatives are invited.

Evenings Monday-Saturday - Organized jams, Concerts, & Dance until 11:00 PM.  Optional jamming until whenever.  Thursday we'll have the Campers' "Talent/No Talent" show.

Sunday Morning, July 9 - Breakfast, say Good-bye to friends old and new, camp is over.  Buses will leave for Denver airport at approximately 8:30 AM.

Guitar - All Levels
International Fiddle
Klezmer Fiddle
Sacred Harp Choir (see about it on YouTube)
Bluegrass Band Lab
Hammered Dulcimer

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