RMFC Registration & Transportation Frequently Asked Questions - August 4-11, 2019

How do I register?

You simply fill out the Online Registration Form and mail in a deposit of $150/person. Registrations are accepted strictly first come, first serve. Please see the Registration & Payments page.

What is included in the fee?

All room & board is included. For Adults and Youngsters, all classes, concerts, dances, jams, and events are included. Guardians may attend all evening events but do not take daytime classes. An adult parent or guardian may attend daytime classes with children for supervisory purposes.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, please see the Scholarships page.

Do you provide transportation from/to the airports?

Yes, there will be a shuttle to/from camp and Denver International Airport (Airport Code DEN). If you are flying into the airport, please book a flight that arrives no later than 2:00 PM Sunday, August 1 or August 8. We will arrange a shuttle to the camp leaving at approximately 2:30 PM. There will be a shuttle from camp on Sunday, August 8 and August 15, leaving at 8:30 AM. Please book a flight that departs no earlier than 1:00 PM on Sunday, August 8 or 15. The charge for the shuttle is $15 each way.

At Denver International Airport, after collecting your luggage, please gather at the South end of the main terminal, in front of the hotel.  If you are in the mood, feel free to jam! 

If you fly in or out of Colorado Springs Airport (Airport Code COS), you will be responsible for your transportation to/from camp.  There are shuttles available.

Music Program FAQs

Who are the artists and instructors?

A comprehensive list can be found on the RMFC Artists 2021 page.

Can I take more than one instrument? How do I decide what level of instruction I should take?

All classes are completely self-selected. There are six class periods during the day, and you may take as many as you wish in whatever instruments you have available. No one is expected to go to six classes; it is up to you to schedule practice time, rest time, etc.

Level of learning is also self-selected. If after the first day, you wish to move up or down a level, you are welcome to do so.

Here are some general guidelines for fiddle:

  • Beginner – Less than one year of study. Brand new beginners are very welcome.

  • Novice – Two to three years of study.

  • Intermediate 1 and 2 and Advanced – More than three years of study.

In some cases, for instruments other than fiddle, it will be up to the instructor to decide whether to divide the classes into different levels if the class doesn’t have a level designated.

Do you have rental instruments available?

Yes, rental instruments are available for $50 for the week. To rent a fiddle, guitar, mandolin, or cello, you must schedule it in advance. There will be only enough for campers who have requested them prior to camp.  Keyboards, basses, ukuleles, hammered dulcimers, and bodhrans, are generally available without fee to all (subject to class size). Simply note on your Registration Form  what instrument(s) you want to rent.

What is the schedule for the week?

This is described completely on the Instruments & Classes page

Golden Bell FAQs

Could you please describe Golden Bell Camp?

Golden Bell Camp is a large mountain resort owned and operated year round by YMCA of the Rockies. It is a modern facility with all amenities. It is best described in thorough detail at its website: Golden Bell Camp.

What are the housing arrangements? Are private rooms available?

Housing Arrangements are explained on the Cost & Registration page.

What should I bring to camp?

These are only suggestions. You may decide what you think you will need.

  • Compact recording device

  • Clothes for 7 Days

  • Flashlights

  • Toiletries, Sunscreen, Earplugs

  • Camera

  • Insect Repellent, Sun Hat

  • Hard and Soft Soled Shoes for Dancing

  • Comfortable Walking Shoes

  • Music Supplies – Strings, Rosin, Picks, etc.  Luther Strings will have supplies available for sale.

  • Music Stand

  • Poncho/Umbrella

  • Jacket or Sweatshirt for Cool Evenings

  • Headphones for Silent Keyboard Practice

  • Every instrument you can carry!

  • Electronic Keyboard if you are a pianist and the keyboard is reasonably portable

  • Ukulele for Jams

  • Supplies you need for your RV, tent or camper.  If necessary, the nearby town of Woodland Park, less than 15 minutes away, has several stores, as does Colorado Springs, about 45 minutes away.

Is there Wi-Fi internet and cell phone coverage?

Generally, there is internet Wi-Fi coverage everywhere. Cell phone coverage is spotty, depending on carrier. 

May I bring my own tent, RV, or camper?

Yes.  Sites are reserved with and rented from Golden Bell.   If you are planning to bring your tent, RV, or camper, please visit https://www.goldenbellccc.org/rv-tent-park.

Is alcohol allowed?

Alcohol is not permitted on Golden Bell property.  There are several pubs in the nearby town of Woodland Park, less than 15 minutes away.