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August 1-8 and August 8-15, 2021

After filling out this form, you will be directed to a page where you may pay your deposit of $150/person.

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If you haven't yet done so, please review Housing Arrangements.

Housing Arrangements

The Main Lodge, reserved exclusively for RMFC, has hotel-style rooms with capacity for 6, each with a double bed and two sets of bunks (up and down) and full bathroom. All bedding and towels are provided.

The RMFC fee includes housing for 4 in a room (more if convenient or requested). If your party is less than 4, you will be sharing a room with a similarly configured party, selected for compatibility based on age and gender.

If your party is 4 or more, you will have your own room.

If your party is 5 or more, you may want to register for the Group Rates (see below)

The Activity Center, also reserved exclusively for RMFC,  has larger sleeping rooms with up to 10 beds, all bunks.  No bedding nor towels are provided.  There is a discount of $25/person/week if you choose this option.  (Not available with purchased private room.)

If you are a party of 3 or less, you may have a room to yourselves for an additional payment of $450 for the week (for the room, not per person). This can be requested on the registration form.

RV, Tents

There are several sites available for RV’s & Tents.  If you would like to do this, you must reserve your own site here:  You will pay our host camp, Golden Bell, directly for the site.  RMFC will provide a discount of $360 (per party) to RV & Tent campers.

Group Rates

If you are a Group of 5 or more, the rate is $810/person.  If you Group is 6 or more, the rate is $780/person.  This group rate overrides the distinction between Adult, Youngster, or Guardian, and the Family discount.


Please choose your housing preference:

I/we will be sleeping in a standard room  (includes full bathroom).  These rooms will be assigned 4 or 5 campers each. If you are a party of less than 4, you will be placed with other campers selected for compatibility based on age and gender.

As a party of 3 or less, I/we would prefer a private room for an additional charge of $450 for the week (parties of 4 or more are assigned to a private room at no extra charge).

I/we don't need bedding nor towels for a savings of $25/week/person.  (Not available with purchased private room.)

I/we will be sleeping in our own tent, camper, or RV.  Please be sure to reserve your site here: You will receive a discount from RMFC of $360 (per party).

Airport Transportation

RMFC will provide a bus on the first and last day of camp from/to Denver International Airport (DEN) and Colorado Springs Airport (COS).

If you plan to take our bus, please be sure to book a flight that arrives no later than 2:00 PM Sunday, August 1 and 8, 2021. Please book a flight that departs no earlier than 1:00 PM Sunday, August 8 or 15, 2021.  Please indicate what bus(es) you want to take:

To camp August 1 from Denver International Airport (DEN)      or Colorado Springs Airport (COS)      . Cost $15/person one way.

From camp August 8 or 15 to Denver International Airport (DEN)      or Colorado Springs Airport (COS)     . Cost $15/person one way.

Both - I/we will need transportation to and from camp from DEN       or COS      . Cost $15/person each way.

Other Information.  Please indicate as appropriate:

I/we would like to rent the following instruments ($50 each):

I/we have shopped at Luther Strings.  (If yes, we will calculate your discount.)

If camp is full, please put me/us on the waiting list.

Any requested roommates? (Other than your own party.)

Comments, questions or any other information we should know:


COVID POLICY.  Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp involves indoor activities, including classes, concerts and dances.  By August 2021 when Camp begins, everyone who wants to be vaccinated should be vaccinated.  Participants are always welcome to wear masks and maintain social distance as they deem warranted.  Per current state law, during large indoor gatherings (100+) such as concerts and dances, anyone who is not vaccinated should maintain six feet of distance from others.  RMFC will also follow the current Covid policies and protocols of its host camp, Camp Golden Bell.  This policy is necessarily subject to change.  Please check RMFC’s website,, for updates.

LIABILITY WAIVER AND RELEASE.  Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp is a summer music camp held at a rural, high altitude location.  By registering for Camp, the registrants acknowledge RMFC’s COVID Policy.  Registrants further acknowledge and assume the risks of COVID, as well as all other risks involved in participating in RMFC.  Registrants also release RMFC LLC and its management from any claims, damages, or injuries arising out of their participation.  

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You will receive an invoice and information about camp. Final balance is due June 30.

Deposits are completely refundable until May 31.

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